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Hide details for  6.5.6 6.5.6
NRBY6J7QYYWith this fix, .pst files will now be encrypted by default.
JCIK6H4N6UThis fix exposes the SSL on authentication option when using Fixed mode in DWA Redirect.
NRBY6JLKB4When other mapi applications besides Microsoft Outlook are used, the outlook.exe process (which has no UI at this point) often hangs in the...
MROE6JTTAVExtremely long server names must be truncated when represented as a key value in the ini file.
MSER6HXM7HPrior to this fix, recipients of messages generated by DAMO were not able to see the text representation of the Body. Internet Mail clients that...
MROE6M4T6AAll folder movements since time zero were being applied (redundantly) to the DAMO inbox. These can be corrupted and are not needed.
FSIZ6DTJJKSchedule errors were automatically displayed in the DAMO inbox rather than in the other messages folder where they should be.
FSIZ6KYN3MCalendar entries replied to using the Notes client do not replicate the body. This fix ensures that a calendar response from Notes, an acceptance...
MSER6HXNWLOccasional messages were not getting to DAMO - they were stuck as "associated" messages. This problem has been fixed.
MSER6JTRK3DAMO crashed when sending mail from adobe. This problem has been fixed.
MROE6NHPJXFixed problems with garbled SMTP addresses and addresses showing as distribution lists.
MROE6LYL8VFailure to create body content when the temp directory is too big results in messages with an empty body. The failure was a result of the inability...
MROE6KZPLMDuplicate attachments result in messages delivered from Microsoft Outlook through Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook. This fix prevents duplicate...
MROE6NCKLLReplies to task requests do not show the content of the body in Microsoft Outlook. The fix copies the value of the item StatusUpdate from the Notes...
MROE6NDNAJFixed problems with garbled SMTP addresses and addresses showing as distribution lists.
MROE6NALADTask assigned to users with extended ASCII characters results in an invalid email address that prevents the recipient from responding to the task...
NRBY6NLNLYFixed problems with garbled addresses and addresses being displayed as distribution lists. Also, a special build number will be added to the console...
MROE6P7GJHFixed folder movement problems with Notes to Mapi that was the result of out of order folder operation times.
FSIZ6QANCZFixed a crash which occurred when replying to messages from the internet.
JFEA6GFKZ3On Microsoft Outlook XP, when the user exits Outlook/DAMO, the outlook.exe proces was intermittently left running in the background. This would...
FJIG6QBB77The body of a task request message is no longer lost when the assignee is a Notes user. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
MROE6Q2KMWFixed a problem where meeting responses moved in DAMO were not synching with Notes.
MSER6NTJ6TMessages with Text only body may be truncated. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2 and 6.5.6 and was a regression introduced in 6.5.5...
MROE6PLKLDTask requests sent to user's with an e-mail address containing extended characters could not be accepted or declined.
MROE6MYPUUMailfile/profile comparisons were failing when the 'Mail file'
value in the person doc was proper cased, eg, mail\JDoe, and the mailfile was...
MSER6K4PNYWhen forwarding a specific HTML doc, Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook lost the attachment.
AANE6HBPPPFixed a problem where a senders address was truncated after downloading to DAMO.
MSER6MFLMZThis fix prevents ActiveSync from prompting the password dialog multiple times, and prevents a crash in ActiveSync.
NRBY6KYNZLFixed a mapi spooler error and crash when sending mail from the Microsoft IE menu with Outlook not in the background.


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